The group started its life in 1978 in Poland in a distinctive area Silesia. 
You have to know that it was difficult at this time to play music in Poland, mainly because of technical conditions; no recording studios, no recording facilities.
Despite this and the political situation, we were  playing. It was the most important thing: to compose, to write poems and to play and sing. We were playing everywhere in Poland at rock festivals, in various Silesian towns and in  Mazurien Lake district. 
Unfortunately, it was not possible to record our music. In those first period the  members of "DOKTOR KSIEZYC" ("nhn doctor moon") were; Jan Wycislo (guitar), Mirek Kachel  (vocal, keyboards), Zenek Hajduk (bass, vocal), Tadek Bazylinski  (guitar), Michal Dreja (drums). As the political situation in Poland was  becoming more and more difficult, we stopped activity in 1982. 
Eventually, two members of the group emigrated to Germany.
 In 1995 we decided to start again playing. Three months were needed to record our first CD "EMPIRE OF IGNORANCE", which was recorded by "VALESKA RECORDS".  Then the records were sent to various Polish radio stations. Finallly, in September 1996, we were invited to radio "TOP" in Katowice,  to present our music. 
In the near future you can buy our music on the Polish market, eventually also on the European market.